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THE Venue offers 13 Private Karaoke Rooms, each beautifully designed and able to accommodate anywhere from 1 to 50 guests.

For guests who like to sing karaoke using the karaoke machine, there are over 100,000+ English songs available. The system updates daily with the most current songs. We also provide a limited number of Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Filipino songs. With endless choices the only problem you will have is figuring out what to sing!  

Our Rooms

Room 1

a sink in a small room

Room 2

a room with blue light

Room 3

a kitchen with a blue light in a room

Room 4

a lamp that is on a table

Room 6

a blue room

Room 8

a room filled with furniture and a large window

Room 9

a screen shot of a living room

Room 10

a view of a living room


a modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances


a kitchen with a table in a room

Room XL

a screen shot of a computer